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How To Guide - 6 Daily Habits for a Healthy Business

I talk about habits a lot. I think they can really unlock some magic in a little business. And best of all, science tells us that motivation doesn’t have to come first! Did you know that it’s the act of starting something that builds motivation, not waiting for motivation before you start. That was a game changing piece of info I picked up some years ago.

But what daily habits might help you build a more healthy business? One that feels more in the flow and like it’s really going somewhere. Sometimes running a micro business can feel super complex, so I thought it might be nice to simplify things down a little by sharing some core habits that might just tweak your daily life enough to take your business forward with more focus.

  1. You first. For those of you who read my last Guide, this is a reminder that you’re the no. 1 asset in your business so take care of you first. Each day build in a little of what you need - walk/bath/exercise/quiet time etc etc.

  2. Intention. I love a morning routine that helps me start the day without a rush. But most importantly is setting the intention for the day. You could simple say out loud that ‘today is a good day’ or you might write it down, ‘today will be good because I will finish that paperwork & connect with one customer’. It’s really a game changer for the mindset.

  3. Money next. It’s sometimes scary to look at the cash status of our businesses if things are tough, but there are two mini habits that really change mindset. First is that you check your cashflow every day. What’s going out, what’s coming in, what bills are due. This allows us to gain more control over our next actions we can take to help. Second is saying thank you. Say thank you if a payment has gone out - you paid it! Say thank you even if £1 landed in your account. It crafts a lovely new habit of positive control over your finances.

  4. Connection. I like to think of this over ‘must post on socials’ type pressure. What we really want is a little connection each day. This may well be with customers (maybe an email, a social post, a review online) or it could be with a fellow micro owner. Just a hello wave, a comment on their post or a message. This activity will help you avoid slipping into isolation or retreating when things are a challenge.

  5. Mission. Have you got your mission statement nailed for your business? We have tons of resources to help you get there inside Member Hub. It’s what you do every day to reach your vision. Ours? To help transform more lives through micro business. Knowing that means you can think about what tiny thing could you do today to help make that happen….even if it’s just a shuffle in the right direction.

  6. Assess. I like to end each day with a little assessment about how the day really went. If something difficult happened then it’s easy to focus on that one thing. But how about a quick run through of what learning experience did you have (don’t post a reel at that time of day as no one will see it 😵‍💫) and one thing that went well (I did have a nice thank you message in my emails). This habit really helps us reach a flow in business - the good, the bad and how we learn every day.

We’ll have a natter about this in the Forum (head to How To Guide category) because we’d all love to hear about your daily habits that help your business.


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