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How To Guide - 6 Ideas To Plan For A Positive New Year

At the time of writing, we're headed into the last few weeks of the year. Christmas, busyness and tiredness all feature in the last month of the year don't they? So how can we plan for a January that starts the new year with some positivity while avoiding a bleary eyed muddle?

Here are some ideas to help you put some steps in place now so that you can start the year feeling in front & positive.

  1. Take time to review - looking over, stepping back & taking in the whole is super useful in business. You may feel that things haven't gone to plan or have been great, but understanding where those things have happened is key. Take a look at things like your social media insights, website analytics, sales figures and your bank account. Maybe take a look at your reviews or the types of customers you've got too. Unpick highlights and low lights and note them down.

  2. Get ahead with your accounts - if you can! There's nothing quite as bleak as getting to January and you're not ready. Even if you're not doing your tax return yet, get ahead with your paperwork, receipts and mileage.

  3. Plan in some proper rest - it's tempting to take the Christmas few days off and then fly straight back into work mode. Try to take a more fulfilling break if you can. Quiet time, days with little purpose, faffing about without focus are all great ways to gather up some ideas and possible lightbulb moments.

  4. Plan your January diary ahead - if you generally have a quiet time in the new year, can you plan in some admin tasks or maybe a website revamp? Is it the perfect month to plan out your content strategy for the year? If you know you're going to be busy, then again, plan! Plan in rest, plan in sleep, plan in to get some help.

  5. Create some new connections - starting the new year in a grey January can be miserable if you're feeling isolated in your business. Why not plan in some community activity - hanging out online with fellow members, meeting up with your networks, working with a mentor or coach. Why not plan in a meeting now?

  6. Start to create your intentions - notice how you're feeling at the end of this year. Are you exhausted, do you feel you've peddled hard to stand still or perhaps you're beginning to feel like you're motoring and want to keep the momentum. At the end of next year, how do you want to feel? What needs to change? What seeds of change can you plant now?

Don't forget you can hang out with fellow members in the Forum, r join our Thrive Sessions online on the last Monday of each month.


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