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How To Guide - 6 Steps to Writing a Perfect 'About Me' page

You will have heard me say over and over again that sharing something of yourself as a micro business owner is the key to connecting and building strong customer relationships.

There are lots of ways of making that connection including storytelling, behind the scenes glimpses and sharing honest content about life in your business. But there's also the all imortant bio/About Me page on your website or e-commerce site.

On the surface, a simple enough task, actually getting it right and being compelling, is a bit of an art. What can we do to ensure that it says enough about what makes your business special as well as some of the good stuff around your skills and experiences? Most of all, how can you use the page to really build your brand and develop a loyal audience?

Here are 6 steps to consider when wiritng your About Me so that it isn't a forgotten aside but something that helps converts customers.

  1. Start with considering how much you want to share. The About Me page can be a great place to give some back story about how you came to be a micro business owner. Consider how open, honest and 'warts and all' you want to be.

  2. Understand who you're talking to. As with all marketing material, knowing who you want to speak to is key. Imagine your idea customer when you write your piece to help you align and tell your story so that it's really compelling for your readers.

  3. Develop a story style over just sharing facts or dates. This will make your About Me more compelling and more likely that people wil read to the end. Great stories have a starting point, an honest journey with all the ups and downs, possibly some fun or inspiration along the way and a 'what happens next' style incentive to keep reading or engaging.

  4. Remember that your audience is basically nosey, so don't be shy in describing the funny bits, the dodgy times and maybe even the moments you nearly gave up. Openness here, really does connect with folks.

  5. Don't forget the images! It would be lovely if you could include a few images to give a little more of a visual of your story so far. One of you, yes (consider a brand photography shoot) but what about one of the family, the dog or your favourite view from your office?

  6. Finally, don't forget to SEO it all! There's little point in doing all this hard work if search engines can't find you. Consider a video introduction that's hosted on Youtube and embedded in the web page - engaging and great for Google. Remember to use key words that relate to your target search terms and of course, alt tag (label) your images too.

Now it's time to head to the Forum - ask questions, share your ideas and enjoy a chat.


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