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How To Guide: 8 Easy Ways to Make the most of your Community.

Welcome to the first ever How To Guide from the new website! I think I was less nervous about having my babies!

It's been a joyful journey though, and one that will carry on as we continue to evolve and grow the website and the Member Hub. This is a useful reminder moment...let us know what you need using the chat function on the website or email me today.

As with all new chapters, it's an opportunity for a little refresh and update so I wanted to make this How To Guide a way for you to reconnect with your community and how Simply Club can help your business in real, practical and tangible ways.

One of my main 'asks' for the new Member platform, was that it was easy to navigate, easy to use and felt like a lovely home to relax in and get just what you need.

So, here goes!

  1. Keep the tab open. I try not to have all the tabs open in my browser (!) but there are some key essentials that stay open to help my business life day to day. My calendar, my socials, my Xero etc. Keeping Simply GB there is a reminder that we're right here when you need us most. Stay logged in and when you've got a question, need a quick answer or want to quickly download a checklist, it's there - like a friend by your side all day.

  2. Stay connected to other humans. There's nothing like feeling part of a team to keep you encouraged and positive. There are two ways to connect easily.

    1. Use the forum as your 'go to' community online. There are new threads which are topic led or a general 'coffee break' area for a natter. You might like to develop a little group of similar businesses e.g. tourism or artists etc. No topic is too silly, no question too small. All of you have such wisdom and fun to share.

    2. Chat individually via the chat button at the bottom right of your screen. When you're logged in, you can find fellow members to catch up with 121 or create your own little group of like minded folks. Simples!

  3. Make each other feel special. All of you are stand out micro business owners with top expertise and skills. Make your fellow members feel loved by sharing exclusives or treats. You can add a member only exclusive by heading to 'Updates & News' in your Member Hub menu. When I need a job doing, I go to #teamsimply first!

  4. Wear your badge. Inside the Hub you can download any number of member badges to show off your stand out magic. Sharing this way, not only proudly shares your micro business status, but also lets others know about our special community. After all, the more the merrier.

  5. Polish up your space. Standing out from the crowd & shining bright is key and we can do some of that for you. Using new systems, we are better placed than ever to show off your business. Make your page looks its best with clear, up to date images and even offer a treat for customers by heading to 'Updates & News' from your Member Hub menu today. We will do the rest!

  6. Find answers quickly. If you've got a specific challenge or you need a bit of encouragement, the Hub is there for you with a couple of clicks. A mini workshop recording, a video clip, a downloadable checklist, a How To Guide or of course, a question in the forum. Never feel alone with a challenge again.

  7. Book us in. Making your community part of everyday business life is easy now with a one stop booking system. Join our monthly Mentoring programme, drop by live on a mini workshop or book a Meet Up. All your bookings will show up in one place inside the Member Hub when you're logged in. We will even send you a little reminder via email and text! A lovely simple way to make your community part of your monthly routine.

  8. It's still growing. As I mentioned, the Member Hub part of the website is a moving feast of help. Whenever you need something specific, want a 121 chat or can't find a topic you want more from, get in touch with me direct using the chat function online, the forum or email me direct. We need your help to make this community better every day.


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