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How To Guide - 8 Ideas for your Christmas break

Christmas is a busy busy time for us all, even if it's not your key trading season. Whether you celebrate Christmas or not, it does form a natural break to end one year and begin the next. It also falls in deep mid winter. All good reasons for using the time you have for good.

So how can we ensure that we don't end up starting the year in a foggy state or feeling overwhelmed by the expanse of year in front of us. How can we embrace the season to give us the best start to our New Year?

Here are a few ideas to help you make the most of your break and no....I don't necessarily mean more work or lots of action!

  1. Take some time to assess where you're really at in life and business right now. Life is at breakneck speed during December so you may not have had the space to quietly get curious about how you really are feeling - in your body, mind or spirit. One great way is to find a warm comfy spot with no distractions. Close your eyes and start a 'body scan', starting at the top of your head and very slowly working down your body. How does each part feel? Notice (but don't judge) aches, stiffness, a sense of heaviness or perhaps relaxation.

  2. Take a look at your schedule for the Christmas break. Have you left any space for nothing? The art of doing nothing has it's own phrase in many languages becuase it's the time we can rest more fully and maybe even the odd ideas will pop through.

  3. Embrace the weather for some extra vitamin D. Apparently, we're all a little deficient so wrap up warm and dry and get out as often as you can.

  4. Engage in an activity that's absolutely not related to your business. Perhaps you'll benefit from a break to do something creative, unexpected or new. This type of activity is fuel for the brain and may spark new thinking or allow you to switch off more fully.

  5. Start a new notebook (or whatever your favourite way of taking notes is) - not to make lists or create tasks as such, but more to capture your ponderings or ideas for the coming year. No pressure but rather like gardeners, it's good to plan some small seeds and planting of potential ideas.

  6. Try a good few digital free days. If you've managed to schedule a few posts or even popped on a proper out of office, then experience life without additional input. Enjoy just the space in your head without socials, emails or texts.

  7. We're about to hit the shortest day of the year but we're still experiencing lots of dark. Science tells us that our bodies actually need more sleep in darker months, so how about embracing a few days off to go to bed early without your phone.

  8. Rest a little more! Of course all the other points have pointed this way already but if you only take one thing from this How To Guide, then rest more than you think you really need - you will reap the benefits as the new year gets started.

Don't forget, the Member Hub is right there for your 24/7, even if HQ is on holiday. You can access the resources, courses, mini workshop recordings and of course, the Forum and chat function. There's nothing like knowing you have friends and ideas right there when you need it most.


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