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How To Guide - 8 Ways to Make Your Habits Stick

I heard a podcast episode this week about 'Quit Day' which, through research, is the day we're most likely to quit a new regime, activity or habit. Usually about 19-20 days into a new regime, we're most susceptible to giving up. At the time of wiring, we're about 3 weeks into the New Year but this phenomenon can happen at any time.

So, how can we make sure that our new habits or regimes stick? Why do we care if they do?

For me, creating new regimes or good habits is about small measures that can easily be implemented into the every day in such a way that will benefit my life and business. Things that have worked for me is time blocking my work time (colour coded geekery!) and building in regular breaks. I walk every day (2 dogs helps!) and take time to eat proper food. I also start every day with some writing (literally a few minutes) about how I might make the day great and what I'm grateful for. These things make a huge difference to me and my business.

Things that I've been less successful at is doing 10 minutes of yoga every day (still feels un obtainable), always drinking enough water and curating my day so that I don't get exhausted by 4pm!

To help you with your small habits, ideas or even new regimes that you're building in to make life a little better, here are 8 tips that you might like to try (not all of them - maybe one or two to get started!).

  1. Work out what you want first. It's really easy to get sidetracked by others and their brilliant new regimes that have transformed their lives. We have to focus on ours. Knowing ourselves and understanding what we want to achieve is key here. Write a little list of what an improved life would look like e.g. better rested, more hydrated, less procrastination, more energy, less social media panic etc.

  2. Now prioritise that list with the top 3 being the things that will make the most difference. Maybe these 3 will have a knock on effect in a lot of areas of your life or they may be the smallest and simplest of ideas. It turns out our brains can only manage 2-3 changes at a time, so these (up to) 3 will be your first focus.

  3. Break your habits down so that it isn't accidentally a whole big goal! For example, if you create a habit 'to be better at social media' you've in fact, created a whopping goal! Perhaps a new habit would be to post a story on Instagram every day for a month.

  4. Understand how long these new habits will take to 'bed in' fully into your life. It will be at least 30-40 days of consecutive effort or around 8 weeks on average. Maybe make a little note in your calendar of the day you'll get there with a little prize to you when you do.

  5. Connect in with how reaching that milestone will really feel and maybe make a note or two about what you might feel like - healthier, more organised, less anxious for example.

  6. Let others know that you're starting a new habit so that you can enjoy some encouragement and accountability. Share with fellow Simply members or let your family know so that you're able to feel supported.

  7. Check in regularly with yourself to note your progress. Every few days, look back and make a note about what's changed or how you feel. Knowing that even the smallest difference is happening is a powerful motivator.

  8. Know you'll fail. We all do - regularly! Fail is a strong word, but let's just say you'll fall off the habit wagon at least a few times. Expecting this to happen might help you be mindful when it happens not to give up entirely but merely hop back into your new habit the next day.


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