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How To Guide - 8 Ways To Maximise The Next 6 Weeks

As I write this, it's about 6 weeks before Christmas but some of the ideas below could be useful at any time you've got a deadline or you're wanting to boost or maximise something in your business with a 6 week goal in mind.

What do I mean by maximise? This, I guess is up to you. It could be sales, income, new customers, social media output or a new blog. For the purposes of today, it's about maximising output in your business - income, customers, order sizes, contracts etc.

I've shared some ideas to remind you, boost your thinking or offer some fresh perspective if you feel you need to boost your business in the next 6 weeks.

  1. Set the goal or small set of goals you want to achieve. I say 'small set' because a 6 week boost is about hyper focus so trying to spin too many plates may lead to disappointment. Think about the key priorities that will benefit your business or help drive your business to where you want it to go. Make your goals SMART (specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and with a time limit).

  2. Break down your goals into weekly or even daily chunks. There's nothing like ticking off tasks to boost your morale and feel like you're getting somewhere. Think too, how you'll reward yourself with each achievement. Maybe make this plan really visual to add to the motivation - coloured chart on the wall, tick list on your phone?

  3. Make a detailed plan with options and ideas for each part of the plan to try and experiment with. For example, you decide you want 10 more customers in a week. Think of all the ways to attract those customers in your plan - case studies, testimonials, email offers, social media competition, 121 contacts etc. This way, you have resilience and agility to find your way to the end goal.

  4. What needs to change? In order to create an environment where you can be hyper focussed on 1 or 2 key goals over a sort space of time, something needs to change - working day, sleep quota, support systems etc. Make a list of what you might need to change to make it happen.

  5. Predict barriers where you can. We all know times when we've decided to implement a boost or upgrade in our lives but come up against roadblocks that take us away from the goal. What are your common barriers? Is it lack of help, distraction, confidence, need for new skills or motivation? Try to make a mini plan for when those barriers might rise up so that you can navigate and stay on track.

  6. Build a buffer for yourself. It's tricky to undertake a project or go for a goal alone, so maybe identify who your support team will be in the 6 weeks. This could be family and friends or simply fellow business owners that you can chat with. Who can you turn to when your motivation sags or you need to have a mini rant?

  7. Pre prepare where you can. Think about finishing other projects, putting other elements of the business on hold or drafting in some tech or help to take the the load while you're 'absent' on your project. This could take the form of scheduled blogs, posts or reopening your waiting list later in the year.

  8. Mindset will be key here so can you plan in ways to keep that positive? What makes you feel like anything is possible? Is it when you're well rested, had some time in nature, enjoyed a coffee and catch up with your friends? Do you believe in manifesting or affirmations and can you incorporate these into your 6 week plan? Do you really believe this can happen?


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