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How To Guide: A content checklist

Here is a checklist of things to think about and focus on when you're planning your content.

  1. Don't start with the content. Start with your brand. What are the values, what is the purpose and what is the vision? This will help you stay super focussed on the conversation you want to have.

  2. Get to know your audience and customers like a best friend. This means understanding what they love, hate and makes them smile. Understand which platforms they hang out on and where they go for information. All this can be pulled to gather with a mix of your knowledge, social media insights, Google analytics, social media data and feedback from existing customers and fans.

  3. What is the purpose of your content? Clearly you want more sales/footfall/bookings etc BUT only about 20% of your content should be that directly. For the other 80% of the time are you educating, inspiring, uplifting, entertaining, reassuring, supporting, leading etc?

  4. You can't share ALL the content so focus on between 3-5 core topics areas (let's call them pillars). What are your content pillars? You might have for example, 'selling/promotion', 'behind the scenes'& 'inspiring ideas' as your core topics ares.

  5. Once you have your pillars mapped out - decide which platforms are your KEY platforms for content. Choose wisely and don't spread yourself too thinly. Your set might be website/Facebook/Instagram/Etsy or blog/LinkedIn/Twiter etc.

  6. Now you know your purpose, customers, content pillars and which platforms you're going to share on. So.....what type of content will fit best for all those elements? If you're focussed on inspiring content on Instagram then that might be IGTVs, Reels, Stories or quote posts for example. If you're wanting to be a thought leader in your B2B business, then maybe it's blogs/LinkedIn articles/Twitter posts. Stay focussed at this point!

  7. So let's imaging you have a few different platforms to share content on and slightly different types of customers on each. Think about how you might slightly vary the message for each platform & customer type. For example you have a product/service launch. This might be a core blog post on the website from which you create a post for Facebook and Instagram PLUS an IGTV live personal launch for your Insta fans and follow up stories for the rest of the week.

  8. You don't have to do everything. For each piece of content that you share - think - what is the purpose of this? If you feel dejected because you haven't grasped Reels on Insta - then think - do I even need to do them? OR if Reels are ideal for my customer base with the purpose I have, how can I learn to master them.

  9. Create a plan. It's very easy to feel that you're failing at content or that it's taking up far too much head space. Making a plan REALLY helps. Use your favourite mode - Google calendar, Trello, paper and coloured pens, wall calendar etc etc. Think about your key themes or important dates throughout the year. Focus on your keys messages for each week using your pillars as a focus. Then simply slot in a variety of your favourite content types. This will keep you focussed, confident and prepared.

  10. Don't forget you're not alone......there are planners in the Member Hub, the Facebook Groups PLUS mini workshop videos to help you along the way.


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