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How To Guide - A storytelling template that works!

This week we hosted a workshop to help you become a micro business storyteller so how about creating a template to help every time you have something to share?

Although we know that storytelling is powerful, it can be tricky to articulate exactly what you're wanting to say so that it's meaningful to our audiences.

So here is a simple template (also in the hub to download) to help you along.

  • Why are you telling the story? Is it to entertain, inspire, educate perhaps?

  • Always have a good starting point - this could be your big business story or how to started to make a cake!

  • Who are the main protagonists or characters in your story - remember that your customers could be on the list.

  • What went well, what was the high point, what was the good news?

  • Did you hit a challenge or a sticky point - reality really connects.

  • Is there a planned next step or a vision? Inspire your audience to stay engaged.

  • What actually happened next or are you going to leave that until the next chapter?

  • How can your audience find out more? Is there a call to action, a button or sign up?

Don't forget that if you're stuck with your story or you have one to share - always add it into the Forum!


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