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How To Guide - All you need to know about Instagram guides

  1. Get started. Go to your Instagram profile page (mobile device only) and click the '+' sign at the top right. Select 'Guide' from the list.

  2. How to choose. There are then 3 different formats to choose from. You can choose the format that will tell your story best.

  3. Places - recommend places in your location. Ideal for place based business like tourism accommodation etc

  4. Products - recommend your favourite products. Ideal if you have an online shop but these can only be added with an Instagram Shop.

  5. Posts - recommend posts that you have created previously or saved. Ideal for you to share posts from you (perhaps on a theme like Christmas) or share posts from others that you love.

  6. Where to find them. Once you have created a guide, they will be listed in the menu under your Highlights on your profile. Guides are also featured in the 'Explore' option on Instagram - so anyone can find your guide even if they don't follow you yet.

  7. How to optimise. Each guide you create will have your own customised heading, commentary and text and you can re order what's in your post and even choose your front cover image for each guide.

  8. How to share. Share you guides - they're easily shared to your stories so that you announce when you create a new one. Simply choose the paper aeroplane icon at the top of your guide.

  9. What next. You can edit you guide post publishing too. You could add a new item to the guide, edit content or remove it all together..


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