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How To Guide - Choosing a new word for your year.

At the time of writing this, it's the first How To Guide of the year and a chance to say Happy New Year to you all.

I may have already said, but I don't really subscribe to putting lots of pressure on some new perfection or some new you at this wintry time of the year. But it is a chance to ponder, plan, gather or evolve some ideas for the coming 12 months.

One way to kick start this process is to think of a key word for your year. Something that sums up how you want the year to roll or how you want it to feel in your business. Looking back over your last 12 months, you may feel that you're ready for the next step or you want to consolidate your experiences or even make some big changes.

To help you choose your word for the year, maybe you can ask yourself some of the following questions to help you find a word that will give you focus, or a guiding light to your year.

  1. If you had to use one word to describe how you personally felt the majority of the time last year - what is that? If it's a negative word like stressed or tired, then you might choose a word that's opposite. If you felt sheer joy and elation, then maybe you choose that word to continue the journey.

  2. How would you describe how your relationship with customers is going right now? Are they chatty and keen? Perhaps they're struggling themselves and mustering enthusiasm is a challenge? Do you feel they're not hearing what you're saying? You may choose a word that help re ignite the relationship or help spread the good word wider.

  3. What was your biggest learning experience in the last year? Does this experience or failure or breakthrough unlock a word that helps you build on your experiences for a better future?

  4. Can you observe what your audience needs most now? What is the 'trend' of collective experience of their lives right now? Can you choose a word that helps focus your business towards this specific need. For example, are your customers experiencing financial pinch or are they stressed or confused? Are your customers looking for comfort or quick solutions?

My word for this coming year is Joy. This came about because I had focussed on lots of technical elements of the business, navigated some big changes in the business and have some big goals to achieve and it's really important to me that this is done with more joy. For me, 'joy' unlocks a feeling of ease, flow and enthusiasm to help me to get where I want to get to but also make the journey really fun for everyone involved!

Don't forget that the Member Hub is the place for you to hang out in the next year. We have 100s of resources and the Forum, where we have numerous threads to dive into - ideas, questions, challenges and ideas are all very welcome. Why not shre your expertise here too? We are a collective and in community we are stronger, happier and more successful.


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