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How To Guide: Coaching tips to stay positive & moving forward

Many of you will know that I am a business coach as well as a mentor who does some training & consultancy. I love coaching because it is the very essence of positive action in the face of challenge, change or development. Done well, coaching can really transform thinking, learning & limiting beliefs.

A good coach, whether personal or a business coach (almost entirely inseparable I feel!) will stand shoulder to shoulder with you and meta you where you are in life or business to support and facilitate your own journey towards your own goals.

It got me thinking then, about the ways we can coach ourselves, especially if things are challenging or you need to implement change of some sort. What can we do for ourselves that will mean we will feel less stuck or at a loss?

So this week, I am sharing some of my favourite resources that I sometimes share with clients and, of course, some of my favourite resources that help me along the way when I get stuck. demotivated, negative or need to implement some changes to my life or business.

This isn’t an exhaustive list, it might miss out some that I will share later and you don’t need to resonate or like all of them. It might be that you pick just one that makes a difference:

1. Feeling stuck about the direction of your business?

  • Brene Brown's "living in Your Values' downloadable quiz is really fascinating and can help clarify where your magic and dreams really lie. Find out more & download.

  • The Way of Integrity by Martha Beck is a great easy read to help you align with what's most important to you

  • The Joy of Burnout by Dina Glouberman for any of you feeling exhausted and needing to look at the next steps

2. Need some learning about what type of learner/personality you are to help unlock a better way to work?

  • Try a simple Dark modality scorer to see what type of learner you are and how this might affect how you plan, produce and develop in your business. Download here.

  • Work out what your tendencies are in your personality so that you can play to your strengths rather than struggling with what's hard. Download here.

3. Looking to reduce your anxiety and feel more present?

  • Eckhart Tolle's podcast and book about staying present and mindful rather than being swept up in the fear all around us. Find out more.

  • Deepak Chopra often has free guided mediations or insights into using breathing and meditation as a way of reducing anxiety. Find out more.

4. Looking for the latest ideas around managing the world right now?

  • Brene Brown's podcast 'Unlocking Us' has some powerful interviews with people from all over the world who are helping us understand more about how we operate in that world and how we can do better.

  • This collection of ideas and support is great for those looking to write a new chapter. Find out more.

5. Don't forget the club

  • There are experienced meditation teachers, coaches and experts in our club that you can trust. Discover them and make a connection.

  • You can work with me as your 121 business coach and you get 20% off as a member.

  • You can join our online mentoring and accountability sessions - a gentle place to be with those who can help, listen and care.


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