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How To Guide: Creating a monthly content plan

  1. Remember to cater for every type of audience who are on different stages of their journey to you. Some will only just be discovering your business and others will be be super fans who are about to buy or book.

  2. Think carefully about where you are going to place your content. Is it best to be as part of a blog or is it a fun piece of content for Instagram?

  3. Be really varied with your content to keep people engaged. You can still keep a theme or a look but a mix of video, slide show, beautiful pics and so on is ideal.

  4. Batch prepare your content. If you're in a creative mood or simply ant to get ahead, batch prep your content before the months starts. This might be a selection of relevant photographs, some promotional video or some draft blog posts. This allows you to add them to you planner and gives you time to be spontaneous in between times e.g. using stories.

  5. It's worth doing some analysis of last months planner. What worked, what fell flat, what would you improve for the following month? That way you are always getting better!

Click the image to download the Planner or head to the Member's Area where it will be forever!


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