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How To Guide: Email Marketing 101 & an alternative to Mailchimp!

  1. Campaign - the term most commonly used to describe individual emails that you send out.

  2. Landing Pages - pages that you create within your email marketing platform designed to inspire or entice people to subscribe or learn something new.

  3. Automations - emails that are created to automatically go out based on setting you set up & subscriber actions.

  4. List - this is the list of all your subscribers.

  5. Subscriber - a person that has actively signed up & asked to be sent marketing material by your business

  6. Embedded Forms - sign up forms that you design and that can be embedded onto your website.

  7. Pop Ups - sign up forms that you design that pops up as a new separate screen on your website.

  8. Groups - a collection of subscribers that you put together based on their interests or needs

  9. Segments - sub groups of subscribers that you create based on a specific email e.g. sending an email to the segment of subscribers who joined your list more than 12 months ago.

  10. Tags - labels you attach to your subscribers based on interest, need or type e.g. subscribers who are small business owners.

  11. Drag & Drop - a design system that allows you to drag over & drop in design elements to create the perfect campaign. Now it's time to watch the video!


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