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How To Guide: How to be consistent in your business

You - it always starts with you!

We as founders and micro business owners have to find the energy, the mojo and the positivity to stay consistent in all the areas of our business and it's really hard. What is you area of inconsistency? Do you get easily tired or frayed at the edges. Do you lose focus or are you a business butterfly? Are you regularly overwhelmed or fearful? Whatever the area, focus on that. Set up a clear plan to help you get better sleep or time to destress or learn a new focussed habit that helps. Maybe even rework your diary to help you stay consistent.

Internal - inside your business

The bits no one sees are often the foundations that we need to find consistency in. This includes the financials, the bookkeeping or the accounts. It might be stock management, planning, website work or staff management. Do you set aside enough time, and more importantly head space, to do this really well and consistently? Maybe you need to get help? Fit in at least one portion of the working week to focus on this area of the business. If you're on top of this then it's a quick and easy check in or if it's overwhelming you can nibble away at it properly without distraction.

External - the outside bit of our business is what everyone sees.

Marketing, videos, photography, the words and you! In a super noisy and frantic small business world, it's a lot. It's tempting to either hide a little or want to do everything at once. Consistency is the key. Firstly, you may not be able to do all of it yourself and so do you need help. But also - create real focus. Remember, you only have to speak to your audience about your business. Build a content plan (find a great one in the Member Hub) or a topic list so that you know what daily little action you need to take - it could be a blog post, a photograph or simply an Insta story.

The big picture - great business is a series of small consistencies.

Check into the areas of your business where you struggle with that and focus in. Imagine it's just a little jigsaw that you need to complete each week - one where you need to include all the pieces to make a great picture. Remembering you can't perhaps do it all yourself, find help (we have amazing experts in the Simply Club!) or learn new skills and small, regular, daily steps will make all the difference.


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