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How To Guide: How to do business without social

Here are a few ways to stay in touch withy our customers without the need to always rely on social...cultivate them.

  1. A blog - Old school but effective! Not only does a blog make a huge difference to traffic to your website, but it also allows people to comment, subscribe and get your post delivered to their inbox.

  2. A subscriber list - one of my favourites. Use an email platform like Mailchimp, Flodesk or Mailerlite and you are onto a winner. Encouraging people to sign up for exclusive information or just curated content means that you have an algorithm free way of contacting them.

  3. A website - if you do your website well and it's a place that's easy to remember or is a delight to visit then you can make announcements there too.

  4. A non digital option - even more old school but if you are ICO registered and have a list of customers in a database then what about sending out a postcard or letter? Direct and unexpected - possibly the most stand out thing you can do!


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