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How To Guide: How to perfect your customer journey

Here are four key steps for you to take...& do draw it out! Felt tips at the ready (or Digital versions like


I know - I go on about this a lot but it is vital. Who are you actually wanting to attract? Make a list! Create a 'persona' or ideal customer and list everything you know about them. You're thinking about what customers would like your business or who need your services but also you're thinking about what customers your business needs....lots of small spenders or perhaps less customers but bigger spenders? Perhaps you want to work with more of a certain type of customer. Get really detailed at this stage.


Customer journeys all have a beginning and an end (or not if you're looking for ongoing repeat business) and there are stages in that journey that your business needs to cater for. These are sometimes called different names but put simply, they include:

  1. Awareness - they don't know you yet or might do vaguely. They need your services or products and they're beginning to look for your types of business. What activities and content are you sharing for people at this stage?

  2. Interest - they have found a selection of businesses that might fit the bill or they keep coming across your brand. They're taking interest and finding out more about what you do, how you do it and perhaps even the person behind it all. How are you ensuring that all that information is easily and quickly accessible?

  3. Decision - they've maybe narrowed down to a couple of businesses or they want to go ahead and visit you, buy from you or book your thing. Can they do this easily - perhaps a 3am with their slippers on? Are there any barriers to this process? What more could you do to make this part easy and a 'no brainer'?

  4. Experiencing - in some ways the easy bit - you're amazing at what you do. But - does the experience exceed what you promised? What are the additional delights? What will be the thing that makes them take the time to review you, tag you into their social media or WhatsApp a friend?


So you know who you want to sell to. You know what your business does at each part of the journey but what are all the multitude of moments that a potential customer will 'touch' or be in touch with your business? Can you add to this list? Touchpoints are simply any occasions when your potential customer could access your business and they might be at any stage of the journey. Examples include blogs, social posts, stories, emails, web pages, Google ads, Google My Business, guest interviews, videos etc etc. You can use these to encourage people to the next part of their journey. If they have got 'stuck' in the 'interest' stage and just love hanging out on your Insta - what touchpoints could you use to nudge them to make a decision?


The customer journey is a living beast. It needs attention and care. Check out your stats regularly. How many customers, how much do they spend, how satisfied are they, how many reviews are you getting, are there any broken links in your website, do you need to change your social bios, are there enough call to actions, did you say thank you....carve out time every month to check how this is all going and refresh, polish and refine.


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