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How To Guide: How to set the scene for a new chapter

Pop the kettle on and perhaps rock out your notebook and here they are:


Take time to sit with the last year or so and assess what has really worked and not worked for you. It may well be a business thing but it may also be about you and your mindset, feelings or focus. Note these down.


Make time also to reconnect with your vision, mission and values in your business. Remind yourself of the purpose so that any goals, ideas or plans you make are fully aligned with these crucial aspects of your life


All of you have some real magic that you bring to the table. It will be the spark that is the fuel in your business. You may have forgotten it. Think about what your magic is and what it contributes to your business. for example is it your rapport with clients, your creative skills, your artisan expertise? What ever plans or goals you're setting, make sure that this magic is front and centre. Don't waste huge chunks of the week on admin or finances or marketing if it dims the spark or magic.

Acquire or Hire

We can't do it all. We have magic and often that magic gets assumed, taken for granted and isn't given the proper attention because we try to do everything else too. Either acquire new skills or software or systems to make these tasks more efficient or hire someone to do them for you.


This is your most precious resource and should be safeguarded and all costs. How is your planning and goal setting focussing on your energy? Start an energy diary to check what makes your heart lift a little or makes you feel energetic and what makes you heavy and sluggish. Re arrange your day/week or life accordingly so that your energy draining activities can ether be eliminated, hired out or done at a better time.

Want to know more? You can now download the slides from our Big New Year Workshop 2022 in the Member Hub.


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