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How To Guide: How to tell a great small business story

Be authentic - it's so important to be open, honest, real and clear about your business journey. Not necessarily your deepest personal feelings but don't be afraid to share changes of direction, when things went wrong or a long held dream.

Lose the beige! Your story is yours in all your colour and determination. It's ok to stand out for what's important to you, about your experiences and your beliefs e.g a passion for the planet, an important cause all matters.

Tell your story like you would to a friend - don't talk in business speak - just from the heart.

Be clear on WHY you do what you do. It could be a long held dream, something your grandma taught you, perhaps something you fell into accidentally! It helps people get behind the brand and understand why your service or product is so important.

Still stuck? Here are some prompts to get you started:

  1. Why did you start your business

  2. How did your business come about

  3. What's your vision for the brand

  4. What are you trying to change with your brand?

  5. Who are the important people/animals in your business?

  6. How do you spend your day?

  7. What inspires your work?

  8. What have your learned along the way?

  9. What are the next steps?

  10. What do you hope for your customers


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