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How To Guide: Introducing Twitter Spaces

Why would you use this new feature? There are potentially lots of possibilities for Spaces being useful to businesses. It could be a place to be a thought leader, sharing your purpose, values and position on topics that are important. Maybe you want to use it as a community building tool with a  regular slot to talk about your sector or business. Perhaps it will simply be a place to entertain your followers.

This is quite a new feature so here are a few details to help you make a decision about whether using it will be useful or interesting.

  1. Spaces are always public. Everyone can listen and interact apart from blocked accounts.

  2. You can be the only speaker or you can invite up to 10 other speakers.

  3. Listeners can request to be a speaker during your broadcast.

  4. You are in control however, It's your space and you have the power to remove accounts from your audience.

  5. Your audience can interact with your Space by commenting, using emojis etc.

  6. You can start a Space immediately and broadcast live or you can announce a future Space for people to add to their diary.

  7. No topics are off limits and you need to use key words in your Space title to help followers and Twitter users to find your Space.

  8. To start a Space, simply click the 4 little dots in the middle of your app menu.


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