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How To Guide: Making the most of the last 12 weeks of the year

Here are some things to think about that might be the help you need:

  1. Choose just one or two key business goals to help keep you focussed. It might be that you have a list of many more that you had hoped to achieve in 2021 but the old saying, 'if you chase two rabbits, you'll not catch any' comes into play. So...what's the most important, achievable and measurable goal you can set?

  2. Put your mojo first. We often think that the mojo comes when things are going well but in fact, it's the other way round. To make things happen, we must focus on ourselves and our own habits. What do you need most right now? Is it in fact to rest a little or go gently? This might feel counterintuitive but sometimes the slower we go the more we get done. This is the perfect time to nurture what you need to maintain your energy.

  3. Narrow your focus. So you have a goal and you are taking care of your energy but where will the result come from? This is the time to never be clearer about who you are targeting and how you are sharing your messages. Think about the 80:20 rule. 80% of our success will come from 20% of our effort. What are the key steps you can take to get the most results. Think about customer niches, the ideal social media platform, regular focussed emails. If you try to do it all, you may burn out, so narrow in and don't spread your energy too thin.


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