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How To Guide - Making your social media work better...

Oooph. Social media is a fantastic tool isn't it, but so time consuming and challenging too!

So much is changing about socials. Our customers are changing, the algorithm is changing and the type of content that we share is evolving all the time.

And after all our efforts, it can sometimes feel like socials don't always help us 'convert' folks to our business (buy, book, contact etc).

Today I wanted to share some thoughts on how we can make our socials work better for the effort we put in. This isn't a comprehensive strategy but more of a 'starter for ten' approach to get you thinking. Many of the tips I'm sharing can be explored in more depth in the How To Guide Library as well as in some of the recorded workshops. AND (of course) we will be nattering in the forum to dive in a little deeper.

  • Be clear on what you're trying to achieve on socials. Sounds bloody obvious, but it's so easy to lose our vision or not post in our purpose. There are lots of resources around vision and purpose but suffice to say, know where you're going and WHY you're doing what you're doing. This will the key to connecting with audience & keep you focussed. Everything else is just fluff.

  • Know your magic and be confident about it. Your business is special already because it's micro is size and you're running it. That ensures that no one else can replicate it. But do you truly believe that? Are you sharing that magic confidently and letting people know how you're special and different?

  • Do your homework and research often. The world is a changing and we need to be first to notice if our audience is changing or the hashtags are evolving. Can you dig a little deeper into your customer avatars or personas? Are there subtle new trends that you're not aligning to? Is there content that's really engaging your audience? Use your insights, search in social platforms and check out Hubspot for trusted data on latest trends.

  • Unlock your content with stories. I don't mean the Insta kind (although you can there too!) but your business narrative. ave you checked out your story recently and are you being authentic by sharing it often? Sharing & re-sharing your different chapters provides highly engaging content that builds relationships and community around your socials. Remember every great soy has a beginning, ups and downs along the way, cliff hangers, crisis then triumph, key protagonists & keeps the reader/watcher hooked.

  • Create some structure to help the day to day. Create a customer journey that you've actually mapped out so you know exactly where you're 'nudging' your audience to next. For example, are you taking them from Insta to an email subscription? Are you asking them to book a taster? Are you encouraging them to follow you somewhere else to get involved or perhaps simply asking them to tag you in somewhere. You are the driver of this journey and understanding where all the pieces are and how they fit in is a game changer.

  • Develop content pillars that you stick to. Choosing 3-5 topic areas for your business not only keeps you from going mad with all the possibilities, but it also creates variety yet consistency in what fans will see and expect. For example, you might have a pillar about your 'behind the scenes' or 'how you make stuff'. You might have an education pillar or an inspiration one.

  • Remember to treat each platform differently. All your platforms may share the same content e.g. you're promoting an upcoming workshop you share that information on each platform to the slightly different audiences should differ. For example, it might be a TikTok video, a long post with bullet points on LinkedIn and a cute reel or carousel on Insta.

As I mentioned, many of these reminders and ideas can be explored in more depth in the Member Hub as part of recorded workshops and in the How To Guide Library. PLUS we will be talking about this in the Forum too! Happy posting!


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