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How To Guide - Optimise Your Visibility

How can you make little tweaks to your business & brand so that you're a little more visible, shine a little brighter or maybe create a little bit more noise? In this last part of the year, maybe you're looking to make hay with your sales or look to capture your audience before they get swallowed up by the festive season? Perhaps you're beginning to plan your next 12 months and are looking for ways to truly thrive.

Often, it isn't about a total rethink but more of a 'stepping up' or a 'tweak' that makes all the difference. It may be that all you need is a new habit or level of consistency that makes all the difference or perhaps just more confidence to keep going.

This week, I wanted to share some ideas or reminders about what might make the difference to really optimise the efforts you're already making. Don't forget to head to the Member Hub and Forum to share best practice and new ideas to help each other. Remember to share your stories with me so that Simply Club can amplify your stories and always use #teamsimply, #simplygreatbritain and #simplyclub in your content.

Remember why over what

You will have heard me say this before but it's very easy for us to 'dilute' the impact of our businesses by forgetting to keep the 'why' you do what you do at the heart of everything and slip into the 'stuff' we do instead. Why you do what you do is the element of your brand that connects most with your audiences. It's what allows you to have the most authentic voice in your communications and it's the guiding light under which you make all your decisions. So why are you in business? What difference are you really trying to make? What gets you up in the morning? Keep this in sharp focus when you're sharing your business with people.

Tell stories

Your business may be utterly fabulous but we have to find ways to share that with others without being repetitive or always in 'broadcast' mode. One way is to tell the stories that are in your business. Creating images and narrative that exemplifies all that you do will be far more remembered than a standard 'ad' or tell all. Tell the stories of life behind the scenes, how you make decisions, how you create things, who you're hanging out with, who you're learning from and the stories of your customers once they experience what you have to offer.

Clean up your language

I'm not talking about your use, or not, of juicy language! What we do need is clarity and simplicity when talking about our businesses to ensure that there are lots of ways that your audience can connect, remember and even share with others. Take time to audit all that you say and show about your business and check in to see if it's all got too complex or muddled? Have you added services over the years and become accidentally confusing? Have you started using new words and still have your old descriptions about the internet? If your audience only has a couple of things to remember about your business then it helps you shine brighter and be more memorable.

Images really matter

It goes without saying that your photography needs to be on point. Whether you're developing a personal brand or selling hand made products. Not only does your imagery have to be the very best but it also has to be consistent and recognisable. Don't be tempted to try lots of different images or styles of images. Don't be tempted to use a sub par image just to be quick. Let's imagine you sell products from lots of different sources and you're finding it tricky to get that level of consistency. How about thinking about your own brand and choosing one 'style' to keep all those images under your brand. This could be you photograph everything on a white background or you photograph everything 'in situ' e.g. as they are on the shelves (risky if too cluttered) or styled as part of their use (cushion on sofa with mug of tea). Is it time for you to upgrade and get some pro photography done to help set you on that new path?

Repetition matters

I remember when I was first in sales in a corporate career that they used to tell us that folks had to see something 7 times before they remembered it. I suspect that that figure has somewhat multiplied since then! We've all experienced that sinking feeling when we've shared a new service, a new offer to a tumble weed response or when we've been sharing a contest that hasn't got the traction you hoped. Be prepared that you will have to tell people (possibly in multiple different ways) lots of times about your business and what it is you want to share. It's key to know your audience really well so that you choose mediums that they love (images, reels, podcast etc) and choose 'hooks' that really land emotionally for them. Yes - emotion! You want your audience to say 'wow' or feel a feeling when they encounter your business to help them truly connect.


Sometimes, it's really worth partnering up or collaborating with another business to amplify your messages and visibility. Can you find ways to co promote something so that your business shines? Can you think of ways to co host an event or competition or workshop. Perhaps you want to work with a media student so that they can help you upgrade your content. This will not only give you support and comradeship but also help you maintain the energy it takes to be visible.

Find the right tribe

Who ever your customers or desired audience is, you need to find them and be in the right place to find them. Use hashtags, Google Trends, search data, review platforms and your competition to understand more about your audience and what bothers or delights them. This information could seem unconnected to your brand but being in the right place at the right time can make all the difference to your visibility. For example, you sell crochet patterns online. You spend all your time focussed on people who like crochet. But...perhaps you notice that these people also like cakes or Daschund dogs or pink. Connecting with them around their other interests can not only be a great way to grow your visibility with a new audience, but can also help you not be a 'one message business' or too 'single topic' in your content.


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