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How To Guide: Ready to set some goals?

Why Goals?

Without any rules around the types of goals you set, there is nothing like noting down ideas, plans or dreams about how you want your micro business life to be. Goals can help with mindset - avoiding the malaise of meandering but feeling like there's a purpose to what you're doing day to day. Goals can also uplift because they offer some possibility of a brighter future - whatever that looks like for you. Of course there is the old adage too that 'to fail to plan is to plan to fail'....possibly a little strong but with some point to it!

Where to start?

I think the big picture is key. As I mentioned before, focus on what you want your micro business life to feel like - that might be financial or customer goals or something more about you and how you can maintain the energy you need to keep creative or going.

Also take a moment to align your goals to your business vision and your brand purpose. What is it that you're trying to achieve overall & do your goals take you a little closer to that?

Now, Soon & Later?

Break down your bigger ideas into smaller steps - really tiny steps if needs be. Remembering that we can't do everything well, all in one go, but rather splitting your goals into now, soon & later really helps.

What would be best to do now? Content planning, financial planning, website updates?

What would work soon? Development of new products or services, addition of a new social media platform or email marketing?

What can wait for later? New premises, brand new website etc etc?

Ideas and tips

Stay flexible & gentle - goals are great but sometimes they do need to move. It's important not to push at a goal without checking if it's still the right one.

  • Create new habits to train your brain - once you've done something 30 times - it's set!

  • Find an accountability buddy. If you struggle to get things done, maybe working with a fellow micro buddy will help yous tay on track.

  • Celebrate the wins - however small!

  • Write your goals down (or draw them....) and make them easily visible.

  • Find support so that you're never alone.


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