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How To Guide: Rethinking Pinterest for your business

Pinterest is the 14th largest social media platform globally in terms of users ahead of Twitter but some way behind the most commonly used small business platforms like Instagram and Facebook. So why are we talking about Pinterest and how it might be helpful to micro business? Is it really useful? Can it make a difference to our businesses?

When I talk with micro owners, there are a few that have Pinterest accounts (including me!) but have stopped using it, never really got started or are unsure how it’s changed.

There are some interesting stats around Pinterest that might cause us to rethink and perhaps make a plan to re introduce Pinterest as part of our marketing strategies.

  1. 86.2% of Pinterest users also have Instagram accounts - the biggest cross over of them all. If you have your best audience on Instagram or perhaps the most engaging, then it might be that pollinating your Pinterest account could be successful. Think about what your Instagram audience love most about your Instagram account and what might work on Pinterest. For example, if folks love your cake content on Instagram, then perhaps Recipe pin and food boards might be a great option.

  2. 97% of searches on Pinterest is unbranded. What does this mean? It means that the Pinterest audience are very open to discovering new things. They aren't pre judging what they want to find. For example, they might be searching for red handbags but list no preference in brand, giving you more chance to introduce your own.

  3. 85% of winners/users are creating boards to help plan a project. This could be a holiday, wedding, Birthday, garden office etc etc. Think how your business could offer the ideal solutions to this type of planning.

  4. According to Hootsuite, 8 out of 10 Pinterest users feel positive when using the platform. First of all, how lovely is that? Secondly - don't we want to make the most of that? What content do you like to share might sit nicely on Pinterest?How can you share your positive vibes?

  5. Think about Pinterest as a browser rather than a chatting place. Your content will hang around a lot longer, so think about how you will share your products and services in such a way it stays relevant For example, instead of sharing a last minute holiday break, you might share a lifestyle piece about how staying at your holiday place causes helps relaxation. If you want to share a product, think about styling it to help someone with their planning as above.


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