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How To Guide: Stepping into micro business leadership

Leadership – something I have wrangled with, something I have felt unconfident about and definitely something that I didn’t think I was ‘qualified’ for.

However, and as a result of lots of reading, learning and Brene Brown podcasts (!), I have come to realise that leadership is something we can all step into.

Being a leader isn’t about necessarily being in the spotlight or putting yourself forward in a way that you’re not comfortable. However, in the micro business world, where we’re perhaps not all recognised or getting the support we need, leading, stepping forward and standing inside your values with integrity, is a vital role we can all take part in. Of course, leadership isn’t just about leading others, but leading in your own life too. You are your own leader in your micro business and I always feel that that is a real gift.

So what does micro business leadership look like? How can you harness your leadership role inside your own business and for others? Where can you show leadership that will strengthen your business, life and those around you?

I’ve shared some ideas, pointers or simply reminders about what being a leader in micro business might look like.

  1. Only work in your values. I love the Brene Brown way of finding out what your 2 or 3 core values are (go to her website to find it) and they really are a guiding light in the way I work. They help me be the leader in my own business by leading with integrity to my values. I use them as a benchmark to check out what work I take on or when I'm setting some new goals.

  2. Give voice to your experiences. There will be people who will gain insight, feel inspired or championed when you share what micro business life is like for you. Leading this way helps you build your own community around your brand too.

  3. Throw the ladder down regularly. There are lots of micro business owners out there just starting out or a few steps behind you in experience and, even if you don't feel like you're any kind of expert, your ideas, support & tips will still be helpful!

  4. Bring a sense of belonging. Belonging is a fundamental human need and we can lead by ensuring that all those around us feel that they are welcome and belong in our spaces. This might your physical business space or perhaps your social media community space.

  5. Look back at how far you've come. It's so easy, especially when times are tough in business, to assume we're still novices and lacking enough expertise but looking back at just how far we've come can remind us just how much we are leading in our own businesses. This type of leadership is inspiring for those around you and hopefully inspiring to you as you take your next steps.


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