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How To Guide - The art of doing less to achieve more.

Over the last week, I've had some time off. When I say time off, what I really mean is no meetings or clients but clearly I've worked every day. However, the week was a reminder to me that when you do a little less, it often means you achieve more.

In a world where being busy is a life goal, it can feel wrong in so may ways to step back and do less or even rest! Although we've all seen stuff about slowing down as a business tool, it's so tricky to achieve when you have a task list as long as your arm.

The reality is, for me at least, is that when I slow down and cut out unnecessary stuff, I start to think more clearly, create more and connect in with what I really need to be doing and somehow the world never actually falls apart. Many times this has only been achieved when I've been forced to slow down, but little by little, I'm getting better and making an art out of slowing the pace when I need to get more done.

When I say more done, what I really mean is more of the useful stuff done.

So, if you've been thinking about how to manage your hectic life or you feel like you never stop but somehow never get to do the thing that matters most, here are some pointers and reminders to help you get there. As always, this is far from a perfect list and I hope you will share your experiences and wisdom over in the Forum in the Member Hub. The power of our collective thinking is immeasurable.

  • Understand what the absolute essentials are and who needs to do them. What are the things that cannot be crossed off the list in your business? More importantly does it absolutely have to be you that that task? Create a list and you might be surprised to see that the list is shorter than you imagined. If the list is getting silly, then think about your relationship with delegation and asking for help.

  • Understand how long tasks are taking you. I'm so guilty of thinking that everything takes 10 minutes and then wonder why I feel so disappointed at the end of the day when I've achieved 3 out of 10 things. Use an app or your phone to start to time regular tasks e.g. scheduling socials or doing your book keeping. This way you have a reality check on how much you're trying to fit into a day.

  • Start to cull the unnecessary. You made a list of essentials but what else are you packing into the day? Do you lose hours on TikTok & call it research for example. Ask yourself what you're repeatedly doing in a day that doesn't help you get a tiny step closer to your goals. If it doesn't help you move closer to the dream then drop it.

  • Get great with boundaries. I know! Pants. But, this is a total essential when it comes to micro business. How many of you are proud that you can be flexible because you're a micro owner? Although this fab, make sure this doesn't mean that you're at the beck and call of others or you provide so much flexibility that you're working at 10pm too many nights in a row. Let people know that you're 'at work' in just the same way as if you were a nurse or TV presenter.

  • Create your day with your energy. So many of my days have been sideswiped by the order in which I work. I've started days with the email list which then takes me down a rabbit hole of completing tasks that aren't urgent or essential but I feel I 'should get out of the way' before I start the real work. This means all the great energy went on stuff other than essentials or tasks that made a real difference to the business. By the time I want to create an impactful workshop, maybe I'm too tired. Think about what energy you need to prioritise for the most impactful tasks for your business.

  • The art of no. Not an easy one in this economic climate and certainly I've said yes to a lot. However, there is an art to deferment at least. It's important that we offer great service but it's also important that customers understand what time is required to deliver that. Crafting terms or emails that say that you can't wait to work with them and can dedicate your time and effort to them in 6 weeks time instead of tomorrow is a powerful tool to avoid become overloaded and under productive.

  • Build in sacred time to every week. Sacred time for you might be a bath, a walk or what ever....but it MUST be there. Every CEO in the land (yes that's you!) has thinking time. As the leader of your business, you can always be in 'doing' mode because there's no time left for strategy, creativity or ideas. I absolutely dedicate Mondays as non client days. Once a month is our Thrive Session and occasionally I will do an emergency Zoom, but otherwise it's the time I plan, create, develop and ponder. I know that this helps move my business forward productively.

  • Multi-tasking is scientifically impossible! Neurologists have proved that our brains can't multi task. It's not a thing. You've imagined it. If you think you're good at it, you're not. What actually happening is that you're skim reading two things and doing half a job of each. Whatever task you're completing, use a mindful approach to it and stay focussed on one thing at a time. There's plenty of time for the next task, but you will do this task better, more quickly and with less stress.


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