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How To Guide: The magic beyond the comfort zone

We all love a comfort zone don’t we? I know I do. I like my days to be free flowing and different each day but I also like routine and the little daily markers that make me feel in control or comforted.

Obviously some level of routine, planning and organisation is ideal for a micro business owner. Knowing your day, understanding your role, performing your regular tasks all adds up to good comfort zone stuff right?

But…the last few years has meant many of us are feeling perhaps too comfortable in our zone? Going out less, meeting less new people, staying behind the screen more, fearing being in front the camera, feeling a little less daring about the direction of our business, limiting our dreams?

This can creep up on us too…we may feel we’re just like always, but are we really? Do we take time to check?

So I thought I would share a little checklist of checks (!) that might help us all make sure we’re practicing feeling a tiny bit uncomfortable, unlimiting our beliefs, developing our ideas or stretching outside our little zones of lovely comfort! You never know, it might lead us to feel braver, feel more hopeful, reconnect with our dreams or achieve our goals.

What's your little voice or ego actually saying?

We all have one of course but perhaps it's easy to get used to it and not challenge it. Maybe it's quietly reminding you that you're not perfect or quite up to the job. It's important to be really aware of what the voice is saying and if it's actually right? Take time to be quiet so that you can pay attention and check out what might be adding up to an undermining of your true potential or actual skills.

Prioritise learning!

Perhaps you've told yourself that you don't have enough time for that or that your brain is rubbish? Clearly learning new things can help us in our businesses but are we doing that regularly? Think about something that you'd love to learn and pledge to take steps towards it. It could be a new language, learning to take great photos or maybe just how to master reels on Insta. What will you learn?

Share your goals and dreams

This can be hard or perhaps something we've only done with our family? Maybe you haven't even admitted your own big picture dream to yourself? If you're not sure, try a big vision board about what you'd like you feel like or how you'd like to live. But most importantly, find trusted people to share it with so that you can find accountability and someone to applaud your achievements along the say.

Do something that scares you a little

I don't mean aversion therapy for a spider phobia (although this might be good?!) but something that you perhaps avoid? Starting a new exercise or sport, joining a networking group, asking for help, meeting new people? My mum always says that fear & excitement of the same coin and that a few butterflies are good. The fire might spark new adventures for you but also your business.


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