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How To Guide - Ways To Love LinkedIn

LinkedIn is often the platform that gets me the most eye rolls because it's been seen as the place for grey suits and corporate nonsence, but actually there are continued changes that might just give you reason to start to love it.

First up, it's worth saying that LinkedIn may not be suitable for your micro business, simply because your audience don't hang out there. However, have a little check in to make sure you're not missing out.

LinkedIn is the professional place to social. It is now called a social network really, a place where professionals can share networks, knowledge, experiences and connect. Over the last few years, it has evolved from somewhere that was more than a little stuffy to a human place where people share very valueable content.

If you think LinkedIn might be the place for you, then read on to discover ways to love LinkedIn - again or for the first time!

  1. LinkedIn is about you. Primarily, you're on LinkedIn as you, the professional, expert or super skilled person in your area. You're there in order to share your experiences, knowledge, offer support and learn from others. Make sure you have an open mindset that's about being totally yourself and don't be tempted to become formal, start to use corporate language or otherwise on your guard. Your potential connections and interactions will be much more powerful the more 'you' you are.

  2. Build a profile you're proud of. So many times I speak with micros who are on LinkedIn but feel 'out of sorts' there, using different language and images than they would on Instagram for example. Sure, you may be appealing to a different segment of your audience here, but it's essential you understand your personal brand. As you add elements to your profile (images, description, headline and posts) be mindful of using your voice, tone and include your passions and vision too. For example, for your headline, you may want to say more about your mission that your job title.

  3. What you give, you recieve. LinkedIn is a place of connection and support and in order to build a community of people around you that matter, be prepared to be generous in your engagements on this platform. This means liking content, commenting support or celebration of others and tagging in other great businesses or organisations along the way. Share the love and it will return!

  4. It's not all business. You'd be surprised how much traction is gained on LinekdIn by sharing the areas of your life outside the cenre of your business. Don't be afraid of sharing your charitable exploits, your wellbeing routine or your weekend experiences. This all helps your connections understand you more in the round. Humans connect with humans after all.

  5. Join groups & like other businesses. You can set up a business page on LinekdIn (head to the How To Guide library in the Hub for more) so make sure you're following the business pages of your connections. LinkedIn groups can also be super useful places to broaden your network as well as your learning. Choose groups that are about your sector or niche.

  6. Build LinekdIn into your content strategy. Rather than posting once in a blue moon (guilty!!), think about your weekly content themes and pillars and see how you can adapt your content to LinkedIn. You don't need to post every day but being consistent matters. Take time to adapt your story so that it aligns with your audience segment and you're away.

Let's keep talking LinekdIn inside the forum - share your success or questions and together, we can all up our LinkedIn game.


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