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How To Guide: Ways to stay visible online

I often speak with micro business owners who with either struggle with the unrelenting pressure of trying to be seen online or the keeping up with the effort it seems to take to stay visible online.

As social media gets ever more sophisticated and seems to add ever more features or change emphasis yet again, it might feel a little downright impossible to keep up.

If you’re feeling tired of social media, worried if people are seeing your content or concerned about how your website is ranking, then here are reminders to help keep things simple, especially when we’re travelling challenging times.

  1. Remember to only focus on the community around your own business - website traffic, social media audiences etc. However small the numbers, these are the people who will spread the word for you. Learn as much as you can about them using Google analytics, social media insights to help you refine the efforts you make.

  2. Make your existing audience feel special. Everyone wants to feel seen, heard and understood. Using some of the data above, and your own brilliant gut instinct, try to take time to engage with your audiences as a priority. This might look like chatting in comments or private messages to refining the customer journey through your website.

  3. Create your own strategy and stick to it. With so much advice out there on how to make your website rank better or get more social media followers, it can send us away from our purpose by accident or dilute our own brand. Remember the key corners of your strategy - purpose, value proposition, customer profiles & communication strategy & try not to be swayed by the latest shiny option if it doesn't really fit.

  4. Consistency always outranks frequency. Like any relationship, how we show up is the key. This means authenticity, regular check ins, focus on the other person, not yourself and some predictability about when that might happen.

  5. Stay informed about the latest thinking for socials and websites. Focus on your principle goals and then see if any of the new opportunities will help you get there rather than simply adopting all new features and functionalities. Just because TikTok is popular doesn't mean you have to have your brand on there if it isn't right for your strategy. However, we know reels are here to stay for example, so adopting a little video into your feed might be worth a try if Instagram is a great platform for you.

  6. Don't compare your step 1 with someone else's step 10. Do you and no one else.


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