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Micro Business Transforms Lives

If there’s one key message I want to shout from the rooftops, it’s this: Micro business transforms lives.

Micro business life can be hard. Incredibly hard. Financially, mentally and in many other ways. But the rewards can be exponential. For instance:

  • being able to make a living whilst pursuing your passion

  • having the flexibility to work and look after your children – whether you’re a new parent, your kids are starting university or they’re having little ones of their own

  • being able to take care of your parents when they need it

  • having more control over your impact on the planet and people

  • being able to volunteer your time and give back to your community (and beyond)

I know and work with so many people who have started a micro business for these reasons and more.

Yet, it’s not the norm as seen in the mainstream media. It’s not a life path that many of us were told about in school, college or university. Micro business can also be dismissed as less serious or significant because it’s a ‘lifestyle’ business or one that doesn’t employ others.

I think this needs to change.

We’ve got it backwards

There is a problem with the way that working life is constructed in the Western world.

It fundamentally revolves around big business or large organisations and public bodies – often the same organisations that are more profit & productivity and less planet focussed.

Of course the value placed on profit and productivity does little to support health, well-being, relationships and the environment.

But change is afoot. The pandemic has shifted our thinking and priorities. There is still a growth in start-ups in Britain and a growing number of ‘not working’ folks who have stepped away from the labour market to retire, work part time, volunteer or start something new.

The outdated view that offering flexible working to employees costs businesses more money is being challenged. A new landmark report

“has found that flexible working could boost the economy by £55 billion… and refusals to accommodate flexible working cost businesses £2 billion a year.”

From my experience, the majority of micro businesses already get this. If they start to employ, they’re naturally much more flexible & have a focus on the living wage rather than the minimum wage.

I think this is because, by the nature of micro business, owners actually have a connection with and are emotionally invested in the people they employ. They see their staff, not as cogs in a giant machine, but real people with meaningful lives.

What’s more, they recognise that it’s a two-way relationship. Offering flexible working, for instance, can increase staff satisfaction, which in turn is likely to increase dedication and loyalty.

So what do Micro Business owners need?

Those who start micro businesses often do it out of a desire to help others, share a passion or expertise but can often forget to take care of themselves, behind to feel isolated or simply never have a break – I’ve done it myself!

Yet looking after your own mental and physical health is essential. If you don’t meet your own needs, you’ll have nothing left to give to others – remember the saying, ‘you can’t pour from an empty cup.’?

One of the ways small business owners can help themselves is by seeking a community. Going it alone can amplify the struggles you go through as you try to build a micro business life.

Finding a community geared towards micro business can be more difficult, but we’ve got you covered in the Simply Club.

We’re all about supporting people to create a micro business life that meets their needs. We do this by providing:

  • Business support that’s bite-size, affordable, easy to digest and trusted

  • Connection, so you can find people to help you, work with people and get support

  • A place where you can celebrate your successes and be spurred on to achieve even more

I dream of micro business being appreciated and celebrated for all the good it does – for the economy, for society and for the individuals behind the business.

We’re on a mission to help micro business owners come together, to create a louder voice and a brighter light.

I invite you to join us.

Doors to the Simply Club open soon – sign up to join the club


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