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September is a great month for a new business project & here's why.

I love September. It's a great time to start something new and so much more than January, when our energy levels are at their most hibernating levels.

September offers a fresh perspective, a new pencil case feeling and an opportunity to connect with audiences who are ready to hear something new & be inspired.

So what better time to start a new business project? Whether it's for your existing micro business or you're finally ready to start a side hustle alongside your regular job, the time appears to be now.

At the time of writing this, we've just experienced one of the coldest, wettest August Bank Holidays I can remember, so it's no surprise that we're all reaching for a new perspective. What can we do differently? How can we be of more service? What can we offer others from our existing skills set? Can we leverage our knowledge for a new income stream?

Here are some quick idea starters to help your creative mindset and I strongly suggest carving out some proper time to explore your ideas, dreams and little sparks - coloured pens, notebooks & stickers at the ready!

Identify what is unique about you.

You may already sell products and services, or maybe you're still at the dreaming phase, but there's always something uniquely special about you and what you deliver. Begin to explore and understand what your magic touch is to your idea, service or product. What values do you bring? What specific skills set? What wide experiences inform what you do? What stories do you have to tell that sets you apart. This isn't about 'showing off' but rather isolating WHY people might turn to you when they're purchasing. This foundation stone will help you build a strong and clear brand and proposition for any business idea, project or side hustle.

Evergreen offers

Imagine that you offer products or services that require you to personally deliver each experience. Then imagine building experiences that are available 24/7 without the need for your direct attention. Think about what you could offer, maybe digitally, that can be accessed even when you sleep. Courses, downloads, quizzes, workshops or other services. Digital tools and even build your own apps have never been more easy to use and creating an evergreen income might give you the time and additional income you need.

Upgrade the journey

If you're in business already or thinking about one, then getting the customer journey right is essential. Thinking about why someone would come to you in the first place, what experiences will delight them and how easily they can make a purchase are all key 'touchpoints' in your crafted road. Your September project could be to simply elevate your current experience with digital tools like email sign ups to really distilling your key messages into something more profound and straight forward.

Less might be more

It's so easy to slip into thinking that more is more in business. We hear a lot about growth, expansion and offering better. But what if that means cutting down and editing what you do? Often in micro business, the best transactions are the simple experiences that matter. Is your September project to laser focus on your very best bits and pour all your love into that? Think curated collections of products instead of a bit of everything. Think clear packages that make sense instead of a long list of individual services or options.

Time to learn

You may not be in school anymore, but making every day a learning day is key. Could you upgrade your own skills and experiences with a new course or mentor? Perhaps you simply want to do a refreshed deep dive into your ideal customer profile. Have you always avoided developing your ideas because of a digital knowledge gap? Maybe now is the time to invest in making those changes.

Build relationships

I always think that the chunk of time between September and the end of November is a receptive time for audiences. They, like you, are starting new schemes and plans, are maybe learning something new or starting their own projects. Tap into what they need most and start to connect and communicate. Even if you haven't got a final product or business hasn't evolved yet, building your email list or social audiences for feedback and engagement will reap rewards in the future.

Set a timetable

September we're fast heading to the final quarter of the year. Significantly, we have just 12 (if you think of December as chaosville) weeks to make the big impact you wanted for the year. Can you break down your diary into weekly targets and goals so that you can create a step by step approach to your project. This help avoid procrastination but also helps us hyper focus on making stuff happen. I love a colour coded online calendar or you could simply get the whiteboard pens out.

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