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Some Bank Holiday Micro Magic

The Bank Holiday weekend is here and so many of you will be planning at least a little leisure time to enjoy the Spring. I bet many of you love choosing some of the following:

  • an artisan market

  • a mooch around independent shops

  • discovering a little book shop or gallery

  • a walk with an ice-cream or pint at the end

  • meeting a friend in a local indie cafe

  • gentle online browsing of creative content

  • a little life or work reset when you seek out help

  • some research into your next UK break

  • seeking out a local event

  • buying a handmade treat

If you've nodded at any one of these, you're already familiar with the transformational effect those things can have on a long weekend. Over 2.4 million of exactly those types of experiences are micro enterprises, run by 0-9 people who are embedded in their community, dedicated to delivering great experiences and properly talented to make a difference in your life.

So how can you make your May bank holiday a little more magic?

Remembering that micro businesses ARE the difference we dream of in life (check out the list above), why not make a little note to self to seek out a micro near you and dive into the experience they offer. Better still, check out their socials, share with friends and tag your photos.

Be the pebble in the water.

To help you along the way, we have an inspiring selection of micros in Simply Club, many of whom have a page in our Directory. What better way to spend half an hour over a brew, than discovering our curated mix?

And, did you know that our mission is to support, connect and celebrate micros across Britain so that they can thrive and be the pebble in your community. Simply Club is the UK's only 24/7 membership community that's exclusively for the micro tribe.


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