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5 Ways to Get Summer vibes from Simply Club

Most of us have experienced at least, some Summer sunshine this last week after a long long winter and it's already having an effect for our Simply Club micro business members.

It's been tricky for all of us, as we negotiate the avalanches of bad news and grey weather, not least our micro business friends who are trying to trade in such conditions.

However, there's positivity here always.

Simply Club is coming alive with markets, events, treats & outdoor delights and we wanted to gather together some ideas and signpost you to some Summer experiences that you might like.

  • Market delights. Many of our retailers and makers take part in markets in the Summer season and now's the time to find one near you to enjoy. You're always guaranteed to find a friendly face and an unusual treat or gift.

  • Outdoor dining. What's lovelier than sitting outside with the warm sun and enjoying something delicious? Many of our foodie members and cafes have seating outside for you to enjoy.

  • Escape together. Finding a special escape is often the tonic we're all looking for. Better still if the place is independent & truly magical. When you discover our Simply members with places to stay, you get to meet them and book direct for a properly human experience.

  • A Summer refresh. Maybe you're looking to the Summer as a time to rest in your own business. From personal coaching to new photography sessions, the Summer offers us all a chance for change. Dive into our business service members here.


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