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How To Guide: Using community to create success

Why community?

Shared experience is the best comfort blanket. If we struggle behind closed doors with business conundrums, isolation or fear, then these issues simply grow. The old saying that a problem shared is a problem halved, really does ring true here. There is no doubt that connecting with people who 'get it', who are safe and who are respectful can help you unlock your next steps.

First steps.

All of us will have different ways that we'd like to reach out or simply make a connection with others - face to face, one to one, online video or just written down. The first step is often the hardest so it's important that you choose what suits you and find a space that feels safe. Of course, one option is to turn to your Simply Club members but there are lots of other specialist communities out there too. Many members may be strangers now but you can reach out in the Facebook Group, one to one, ask for an introduction from me or attend a Meet Up.

Be open.

If there's one thing we've learned in the last two years is that if we can just be a little more open about how we are feeling, then the rewards come back to us 10 fold in the form of ideas, uplifting thoughts, understanding or solutions. If you pick the right community, no question is too silly or fear misunderstood.

Create a habit.

Once you have found a community that you trust, then build a habit to check in as often as possible. It goes without saying that I hope the Simply Club (Facebook group/Meet Ups/mini workshops/121 coaching) can be one of those places for you and your micro business, but it could happily be anywhere. This will not only provide regular warmth, connection and a source of support for you but your likes, smiles, words and ideas will likely be invaluable to someone else too.

You're not alone.

As so often in life, it's easy to assume that we're the only ones facing a particular challenge or issue. It's almost never true. If you're not ready to connect with a whole community with your challenge, then reach out to an individual to point you in the right direction. Within our community, we have a huge wealth of talent, expertise and experience as well as potential new friends and colleagues. It will be the same in other communities you are part of too. Of course you can reach out to me. An email or message is always an option and although I won't have a magic wand, I'm more than happy to sign post or connect you to someone who might have.


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