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Working alone but together

So many people ask me about how I can run a business on my own or how a micro business can really be successful with so few people in it.

I wanted to share a few insights into how Simply Great Britain is run and why it’s so special to me and our members.

Firstly, I don’t use the collective ‘our’ to make my business seem bigger than it is. It isn’t. I am sitting typing away in a garden office with an old chaise long of my Grandma’s in the corner & currently home to two slightly smelly Border Terriers. But…we are a collective and a collaboration which means that in fact my business is never about just me of ‘I’.

About 60% of the 5.2 million micro businesses in the UK don’t employ. In a world of big business spotlighting, it might be assumed that they are, therefore, insignificant. However, when you look beyond these healing figures, you realise that these micro businesses are using the services of many others.

Simply GB is no exception.

I work with a book keeper and an accountant firstly. Jane, Gabby and Paul are entirely part of my team and have been pivotal in me moving Simply Great Britain forward. I worked hard to find the right people that are aligned with my business values and who share my vision – btw, transform Great Britain through micro business!! I am able to call them up, discuss, problem solve and work in collaboration to make changes.

I also work with a Graphic Designer. Andy is literally a genius who has been instrumental in the brand identity changes that have taken place for Simply GB over the last 12 months. So much more than simply someone who is good with software and design. Andy has been on a journey with me to really align the mission with the brand and the visuals through long long conversations, Pinterest boards and more. Better than that, Andy is part of our future too, continuing to be part of our journey to bigger things. Check out our animations, videos, website and graphics for more.

I work with a writer, who is occasionally able to help me out with research, additional content and thought leadership pieces when my workload is too much. Steph is again so much more than a great writer. Her background in sustainability is a knowledge base I tap into and we have shared many long conversations about next steps and developments.

I am also lucky to work with mentors and coaches too. Although I am a business coach and mentor myself, I am also very much in need of help – who isn’t? I have sought out and worked with some amazing folks who continue to be very much part of the day to day life of Simply GB, offering guidance, a sounding board and people to turn to when I am at a low ebb or challenged by decisions.

I work with holistic therapists and professionals to help me look after my own wellbeing and health. As a woman in her middle years, energy and health have been a challenge over the last few years and so I connect and work with those who can support me with their knowledge and guidance. Deb & Louise have been able to share their professional wisdom and I know I can turn to them whenever I need them.

Finally I very much work with, as well as provide support, the members of the Simply Club. Fellow micro business owners from all sectors and with a huge ranges of skills and experience means that together we are lifting each other up, offering ideas and inspiration and standing shoulder to shoulder in good times and bad. This magical community may be small just now but it is mighty. Mighty because of the power of the collective and of connection.

If you’re trying the build a micro business life or want to know more, please do get in touch, follow us on social media and roam about the website to find what you need. The future is micro…


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