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Business coaching & mentoring with Emily Whitehead

Helping you to explore what is possible both for you and for your business

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With over 25 years experience, I work as a coach, mentor, consultant & trainer, with a range of businesses & organisation sizes. From micro business owners looking for support and direction to bigger business, organisations and public sector groups working strategically for a sustainable future.

What I do and how I can help.

  • Business coaching & mentoring

  • Facilitate & train your teams

  • Big picture ideas & development.

  • Empower you to grow & communicate

  • Create & implement your marketing strategy

  • Digital marketing

  • Email marketing strategy

  • Help you tell your story

  • Customer service training

  • Reputation management

  • Create a green business

  • Business planning


Video calls kept me on track and it's a great way to get an opinion from someone who isn't involved in the business

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