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How To Guides: 3 Easy Peasy Content Planner Tools

However there are 3 easy peasy ways to integrate some of your content planning within those platforms you already use.

  1. Canva have introduced a new Content Planner. This calendar style planner includes key dates for your diary like national holiday, lunar calendar and even special days like 'Random Acts of Kindness Day'. You can create your content within Canva and keep it all i one place. It allows you to plan ahead with your graphics and GIFs with an easy digital view of where your gaps are.

  2. Meta (previously Facebook) have got their new Planner Tool within Meta Business Suite. From one place, you can create and schedule posts, stories and ads. They even include optimal times to post for both Facebook & Insta. PLUS you can see all your activity in the same place with easy access data on engagement to allow you to improve each time.

  3. Google Drive has its own Content Planner tool which is a calendar and excel type planner. Easy for anyone to access and easy to import information from all your other lists and planners. These are some of my favourite for ease and time saving but don't forget there are many more. For Trello fans, you can create a fantastic content planning board. You can also use Hubspot's downloadable Excel planner (find a version in the Member Hub) complete with easy colour coding.


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