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Are your thriving in your little business?

September has adopted a little them for us at Simply HQ - it's all about the art of thriving as small business owners, the self employed, freelancers and those of us doing a side hustle in a bid to build a new life.

There's no denying that the last 12 months have continued the trend of challenge for micro businesses across the land with almost no one left untouched by the economic impacts of the recent times.

Without focussing on the negative, it's important to name the challenge as a shared experience that we can all relate to and work through together. The connection and community that can be found in the micro business world is THE vital component to help more of us not only survive but begin to thrive.

Thriving looks like different things for each of us, but there's a sense that thriving is about an abundance of health, income, energy, balance, purpose and friends.

So how are you doing?

The purpose of our 'thriving' theme this month is really to have a conversation that leaves folks feeling less isolated and in possession of more ideas to keep going. It is in an atmosphere of community and connection that collaboration, innovation and support thrives.

I've shared my best 10 tips (for now!) to thriving as a little business in a download here to get you started. We are also hosting a special event on the 16th of November called THRIVE for up to 50 small business owners to gather, learn, be inspired and enjoy a long table lunch at the iconic Emma Bridgewater Factory in Staffordshire. This special day will see a range of exciting speakers who will talk to us about resilience, breathing, marketing, purpose and sustainability. Book your place today.

Finally, I'd encourage you to find your tribe as soon as possible to help you find your version of thriving. Simply Club is one such tribe - just for micro business owners who are seeking to make life easier every day through learning, community and spotlight.


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