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Micro Business Made Easier With Friends.

Simply Great Britain - Lines

Our mission is to help transform more lives through micro business across the UK. We deliver pro business support, a member community & a showcase Directory for micro business owners.

Simply Club.

There are over 5.2 million micro businesses in Britain (98% of all private enterprise), but building a life you love isn’t easy to do alone. Simply Club can take you from unsure to unstoppable.


Enjoy easy access to coaching, mentoring & training exactly when you need it most, alongside a gorgeous community of micro folk who share your journey.


Simply Club provides 24/7 community, human connection & the pro business help you need in an easy to access, affordable way.


Micro business life just got easier.

Where we tell great stories! Inspiring conversations about micro business Britain with Emily, founder of Simply GB & micro business champion. Helping us understand how micro business transforms lives for people, places & the planet.

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The Micro Business Life Podcast

Where we celebrate Simply Club! Discover inspiring micro businesses and their owners from a curated list of experts, freelancers, artisans, makers, artists, designers and places to stay. Use your purchasing power & vote for the Britain you want

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Simply Great Britain Micro Business Club

Where we champion the power of micro! We celebrate & offer professional business support & ideas to Britain’s vibrant micro business community. Read about our ideas and the ethos behind Simply Great Britain - championing British micro businesses.

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Micro Business Blog & Ideas

Maybe you've already stepped into the world of micro business ownership or you're planning a new self employed career?


Are you side hustling right now with a view to building something new for your life? 

Download our free guide with 10 steps to help you build a life you love.


Cosy & special.

Rachel has created a business with cosy, seasonal & restoration at its heart. Her beautiful Shepherd's Hut and tiny stone cottage in the village of Eyam in Derbyshire are havens from the fast pace of life. Rachel shares why she set up her business, what keeps her going & why she creates such magical experiences that cater for body, mind & spirit. Listen in today.

The Hut at Eyam, Derbyshire

With over 25 years of experience in business, I am an executive coach, mentor, trainer and consultant with a core purpose to do better business for people, places and planet.

I work with a range of clients and businesses from micro business owners looking for direction & support to large organisations and universities working with leadership & strategic support for a more sustainable future.

Emily Whitehead Founder of Simply Great Britain
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